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Here at The Dinglehopper we’ve passed an unexamined love for Kristin Bell on to our offspring.  It’s nothing we tried to do.  It apparently happened genetically.  From Veronica Mars to Frozen, the household is united.

So when we read that Game of Thrones trumped Mother’s Day (ABC News), we had a good laugh.

“Mother’s Day is on a Sunday, so Mother’s Day is secondary to ‘Game of Thrones’ viewing, let’s be honest about that,” the 33-year-old “Veronica Mars” star told ABC News. “It’s ‘Game of Thrones’ first, Mother’s Day second … we will still have a dead serious viewing party – no talking, pull the projector screen down, Sunday nights are a big deal in our household.”


Author: Cassandra

mom, wife, accounts payable, serial dropout, theory bitch, anarcho-idunno-syndicalist, literary alchemy enthusiast

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