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Frozen Fractals All Around

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[SPOILERS: Once Upon a Time]

Background: A week or two ago, our toddler leveled up, gaining the new skills “attention span” and “long narrative.”  We discovered this when we found Frozen at the bottom of a pile of mail and figured that we ought to give it a shot since Netflix had bothered to send it.  We sat down after dinner with the expectation that we’d get maybe five minutes in before restlessness and distractibility indicated that bathing a little early couldn’t hurt.

Cut to today.  The infectious delight of a toddler has intersected with our predilection for manic geekery… beg pardon… active engagement with a text.  So when the above segment from the Season 3 finale of Once Upon a Time made the rounds earlier in the week, we were easy targets.  We’ve never seen the show, though we’ve been encouraged to check it out.  We’ll definitely do so in September.


Author: Cassandra

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