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Guess what? Cumberbutt!

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Sometimes, once you see something, you just can’t unsee it.  Some things are are just unseelie.  The following, originally shared by BuzzFeed, is such a thing.

I was proud of myself when I came up with ”I don’t like stuff that sucks.” There’s something kind of Zen about it. – Mike Judge to EW.

That’s right, Butt-head bears an unseelie resemblance to Benedict Cumberbatch.  Cumberbatch himself probably wouldn’t shy from the comparison.  He’s remarkably pragmatic about his appearance.

“Do I like being thought of as attractive? I don’t know anyone on Earth who doesn’t, but I do find it funny. It’s new to me, and I’m sure I’ll get used to it and find a way of dealing with it, but at the moment it is quite odd. I look in a mirror and I see all the faults I’ve lived with for 35 years, and yet pe
ople go kind of nuts for certain things about me. It’s not me being humble. I just think it’s weird. I dislike the size and shape of my head. I’ve been likened to Sid the sloth from Ice Age…
The Guardian




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