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Frozen Friday: Not a Footprint to be Scene

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Much like The Wrath of Khan (see yesterday’s post), I was ready to write off Frozen as time poorly spent.  We’ve discussed at length how our toddler’s reaction made that impossible.  However, I’m continually surprised by how elaborate and detailed a text Frozen actually is.

Luckily we came to it a little late, when most if not all of the “Easter Eggs” had already been pointed out.  One of the most amusing for me was that the chocolates Anna “stuffs in her face” are from Vanellope’s game in Wreck-It Ralph.  This was especially poignant since I was a big fan and our toddler doesn’t care a whit for it.

But it’s not just sly references to other Disney movies.  A redditor shared a massive gallery outlining some of the other details that might have passed by unnoticed.  Seeing this one makes Olaf’s place in the story fascinating.

Included are sections on symbolism and foreshadowing.  A lot of it can seem unimpressive once it’s pointed out.  But part of the work of criticism is discovering the patterns and repetitions within a text and making them obvious.  I think this gallery is a great start.  The really interesting stuff starts about halfway through; don’t get discouraged.

Of particular significance are the parallels between the opening “Frozen Heart” sequence and the signature set piece “Let it Go.”  One humorous video referred to the soundtrack’s opening song as “the one you skip.”  That might actually be the case for a lot of fans, but in the context of the film it’s quite satisfying.



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