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Frozen Friday: Don’t Call Me Elsa

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You’ve probably seen this already.  During a performance last Friday, June 20th, at Stadio San Siro in Milan, Italy, Pearl Jam inserted the chorus of “Let It Go” into a medley of “Just Breathe” and “Daughter.”  And it was awesome!

Responses varied from the factual (Rolling Stone) to the dismissive (io9) –

This is it, folks. The end of the line. The shark has been jumped, cleared, and bludgeoned to death by a water-ski-wielding Fonz. Thanks to everyone for playing along at home – it sure was fun while it lasted.

– to the affectionate (Consequences of Sound) –

Eddie Vedder gives the song as much emotional sincerity as he does any of his own work, and I swear by the end you can hear the crowd singing along. Come on, you know you would be too.

– while others speculated that Vedder’s daughters might have inspired the surprise.  That last might not be too far from the truth.  Last year, the band’s bassist called the group the “ultimate dad band,” and Vedder added, “I can only practice once a week, after 8 o’clock, after the kids are in bed; maybe Thursdays after the carpool.

I suppose if they own it, then I have to as well.  I’ve loved Pearl Jam since the moment I first heard them.  And I loved this because of our toddler.  And so.

Here’s the full medley.  I really like how the lighting is Frozen themed when he breaks into “Let It Go.”


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