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Frozen Friday: Cast Away

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once cast

Elsa/Georgina Haig – Elizabeth Lail/Anna – Kristoff/ Scott Michael Foster

My first Frozen post wasn’t even on a Friday.   Elsa made an appearance on the season finale of Once Upon a Time while we were still reeling from the impact of the film on our toddler and our lives.  We watched the clip over and over and according to that most discerning critic, they got the effects exactly right.

It wasn’t really clear what role the Frozen cast would play or who would play their roles.  But this week the film’s three biggest characters were announced.  TVLine reports that Georgina Haig (Fringe) will be Elsa; Elizabeth Lail will be Anna; and  Scott Michael Foster (Greek) will be Kristoff.  They all look like good choices to me.

The characters come into Once Upon a Time after the events of the movie.  Elsa’s powers are held in check with familial love, but the potential to lose control still looms.  Anna crosses over apparently unchanged as the irrepressible optimist committed to her sister.  And Kristoff is adjusting to new relationships and living indoors.

Frozen won’t take over the show in season 4.  The Mary Sue reports that they’ll feature in six (Kristoff) to nine (Elsa) episodes of the twenty two episode season.  Expect the show to work Elsa’s misunderstood not-a-villain persona from both ends.


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