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Frozen Friday: All Seven and We’ll Watch This Fall

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Our toddler managed the road trip to and from vacation by balancing viewings of Frozen and napping.  We’d brought some other entertainments, but the heart wants what it wants.  While we were away,  Frozen news heated up.

E! Online reported Monday that Tyler Jacob Moore (Revenge) had been cast as Once Upon a Time‘s Hans, heir (after his twelve siblings) to the throne of the Southern Isles and former true love of Princess Anna.  Hans will make his first appearance in Episode 3, “Rocky Road.”  That same day, producer Adam Horowitz announced via Twitter the addition of Pabbie, the rock troll who cured Anna as a child.  He will be voiced by veteran John Rhys-Davies (The Lord of the Rings.)  The Dinglehopper is proud to present a handy extended graphic to keep all seven cast additions straight.

once cast s4

Elsa/Georgina Haig – Elizabeth Lail/Anna – Kristoff/Scott Michael Foster – Elizabeth Mitchell/? – Sven/a reindeer – Tyler Jacob Moore/Hans – Pabbie/John Rhys-Davies

Both casting announcements followed on the heels of the Once Upon a Time panel at San Diego Comic Con 2014.  Attendees were treated to a brief clip that begins with Elsa and Anna laying flowers before their parents’ gravestones.  There are, as you might expect, spoilers.  Enjoy.


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