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Once Upon A Time and Flash Gordon?

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We finished the first season of Once Upon a Time this weekend, determined to catch up before the season four premiere.  I think we’re good and hooked.  That’ll probably turn out to be some kind of pun, later.  The penultimate episode, entitled “An Apple Red as Blood,” is full of surprises, reveals, plot thickener, and bathos.  But one of the most delightful scenes involved a horde of fairies, lead by Pinnochio’s Blue Fairy, descending on the castle of King George.  What made this scene so pleasing?

The fairies form up behind Blue like Prince Vultan’s Hawkmen in Flash Gordon (1980).

And like Prince Vultan, who gives the order to, “Dive!” on War Rocket Ajax with enthusiastic gusto…

So, too, does Blue when she receives the pre-arranged signal.  “We’re a go.  Fairies!  Attack!”

I’m not sure whether this is just the only way to convincingly portray a winged fighting force on the move or if director Milan Cheylov thought it would be clever.  It’s not a Disney reference,  but we couldn’t unsee it once we recognized it.  I did a quick check to see if there were any links between the two and I was surprised to find one, tenuous though it may be.  Meghan Ory (Ruby) appeared in episode 1:16  “Thicker than Water” of the 2007 Flash Gordon television series.

Here are some extended clips full of spoilers for your viewing pleasure.  You can decide for yourself if it’s all in my head.  I had to rely on available images from Once Upon a Time, so the one I pulled of the fairies is inexact.  Its analogue is about fifty seconds into the Flash Gordon video.


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