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Nostalgia, you face The Tick!

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People reported Friday that yet another canceled fan favorite television show was set to be revived by an online distributor.  Amazon Studios and Sony Pictures Television will apparently be producing a new pilot of The Tick with series star Patrick Warburton and creator Ben Edlund.  Anonymous sources say there’s a contract and everything.

Under the circumstances it’s difficult to contain my excitement.  All nine episodes of the 2001 live action show were shockingly good.  So funny, in fact, that innocuous lines like, “His name isn’t Life-Buildo or Have a Nice Dayo, it’s Destroyo. Case closed!” have remained a regular part of our media patois for more than a decade.

Amazon is now in its third pilot season, but there’s no word when The Tick will air.  Amazon Prime users in the United States and United Kingdom rate and comment on each season of pilots.  That feedback is part of the process which ultimately results in original (or rebooted in this case) series.

Edlund is responsible for some of the best parts of Angel, Firefly, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog, The Venture Bros., and Supernatural.  Bad Horse, Apocalypse Cow, Puppet Angel.  If they produce the pilot, we will come.



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