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Frozen Friday: Frozen Fever

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The Story of Frozen: Making a Disney Animated Classic aired Tuesday night.  The most thrilling news was the announcement that a brand new short would air next spring.  Walt Disney Animation Studios also posted on their Facebook page:

We are thrilled to announce “Frozen Fever,” a new animated short that will premiere in the spring of 2015. The short will feature all of your favorite characters from Frozen along with an all-new original song by Robert Lopez & Kristen Anderson-Lopez!

There’s no word on which movie you’ll pretty much have to take your kids to see, though lots of folks are betting on Kenneth Branagh’s Cinderella.  We do know that the plot will focus on Elsa and Kristoff’s preparations for Anna’s nineteenth birthday.  Elsa’s ice powers will, of course, cause some problems.

I really never expected to be all in with the Disney marketing machine, but with fans clamoring for more Frozen, this is a perfect way to maintain momentum.  It’ll undoubtedly drive ticket sales for whatever movie it ends up attached to, much like the trailer for The Phantom Menace did in 1998.  And a new song will easily top the iTunes charts.

Particularly if it’s a birthday song.  Ready to sing along?  All summer long?  Good.

Viewers were also treated to the teaser for season 4 of Once Upon A Time, which begins September 29th.


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