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Frozen Friday: Frozen Over

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[Here be SPOILERS for Once Upon a Time]


ABC will air an hour long special, “Storybrooke Has Frozen Over,” prior to the season 4 premiere of Once Upon a Time meant to bring new Frozen obsessed viewers up to date and reorient long time fans as well.

The special will take a look at the role that family plays in the show and never giving up on the ones you love, our heroes’ journey from breaking the curse to the ramifications of magic in our world, travelling to Neverland to save Henry from an evil Peter Pan, their battle with The Wicked Witch of the West upon their return, and the upcoming presence of Elsa, the Ice Queen from Arendelle, in Storybrooke.

A synopsis of the premiere episode, “A Tale of Two Sisters,” was released earlier this week.

In the season premiere episode, “A Tale of Two Sisters,” a scared and confused Elsa finds herself in Storybrooke and, fearful of the intentions of its residents, creates a powerful snow monster for protection. With Robin Hood’s wife, Marian, back in the picture, Regina wonders if her “happily ever after” with the former thief has been completely quashed; while on their honeymoon, Mr. Gold finds an intriguing object that makes him question whether or not he should officially give Belle control over the dagger that makes him The Dark One, and Hook is dismayed to discover that Emma seems to be avoiding him while she tries to help comfort Regina after being the one responsible for bringing Marian back from the past and into Storybrooke. Meanwhile, in Arendelle of the past, as Elsa’s sister Anna’s wedding to Kristoff nears, Anna discovers that their parents – who died on-ship during a violent storm – were heading to a mysterious destination in a quest that may have held the secret to containing Elsa’s out of control Ice powers. And against Elsa’s wishes, Anna wants to finish their journey to find out what they were looking for, on “Once Upon a Time.”

Anna (Elizabeth Lail), Elsa (Georgina Haig), Kristoff (Scott Michael Foster), and Pabbie (John Rhys-Davies) from Frozen appear in this episode.  So does Sven, according to set photos, though he’s not credited.  Reindeer rights!

Spinoff Online published a post Comic Con interview with the cast & co-creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.

Kitsis: We aren`t trying to do the Frozen sequel. We’re saying, “What happens when Anna and Elsa come into our world? And do they have any past history with anyone from our Once universe?” For us, it’s really exciting. What happens when Anna, who is this character who never gives up on the people she loves, is so hopeful and sees the good in everything … What happens when she meets Rumple, who is the devil himself? What happens when Emma and Elsa actually talk about the fact they both have magic they can’t control, that they feel different from everyone else? That it’s really hard to let people in? Those are the things that excited us.

Horowitz: We do have a big bad. We want it to be a surprise. We can tell you it’s not Elsa. There’s something else at play that becomes apparent pretty quickly once the season starts. Part of that is because Elsa is not a villain and Anna is not a villainess. What we’re really interested in seeing is the challenges they face with our characters.

Fans are saying that the big bad is definitely the original Snow Queen who will be played by Elizabeth Mitchell.  They’re also suggesting that she was the mysterious destination Queen Adgar and Queen Idun disappeared en route to.

Finally, an extended trailer has been released hinting at a conflict between Regina and Elsa.


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