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Frozen Friday: The Snow Queen

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Please pardon the tardy post today.  Sometimes life gets the better of all of us.  Even Dinglehoppers.  Check out this exciting bit of news today.  Tomorrow we’ll tell you how “A Tale of Two Sisters” relates to Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker.  And Sunday we’ll share our thoughts about what’s to come in season four of Once Upon a Time in preparation for “White Out.”

[Spoiler Warning: Once Upon a Time]

Several sites unleashed photos of new Once Upon a Time cast member Elizabeth Mitchell in costume.  Galleries can be found here, here, and here.

As we predicted earlier this summer, she’s the Hans Christian Anderson’s Snow Queen.  If you’re interested, you can familiarize yourself with that story here.  The producers confirmed that she’ll feature as the villain for the first arc of season four.  She apparently had something to do with Elsa ending up in an urn in Rumplestiltskin’s forbidden vault.  We should catch our first glimpse of her in episode three,  “Rocky Road”


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