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Early Observations about White Out

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It’s getting chilly around here.  Do you need some intertextual healing? There are kingships and pirate ships, but the best ship is your ship.  Did it get any attention in this episode?

Michael’s “Always… no, no… never… forget to check your references.


1. Hang in there, Joan! (“Do You Want to Build a Snowman?“)

Anna’s chosen Joan for her secret mission name, and insists on it in spite of David’s denial.

2.  The cold never bothered me anyway.  (“Let it Go“)

Emma: “Aren’t you cold?”

Elsa: “It’s never bothered me.”

3. A kingdom of isolation and it looks like Evil Queen. (“Let it Go”)

Regina’s holed up at home and she’s not taking visitors; not even her son.

4.  I know you’re in there.  (“Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”)

Henry doesn’t give up on here. And Regina opens up to sunlight and warm hugs.

5. I love sandwiches (“Love is an Open Door“)

Ruth packs Anna some lunch she can finish herself on her journey to Rumplestiltskin.

6. Born with the powers or cursed? (Pabbie to Agdar)

When Elsa discovers Emma has magic, this is what she asks.  Emma’s disappointed by the options.

A Game of Thorns Thrones

1. Dark Wings, Dark Words.

Regina apparently sends a raven with a message to Henry to stay away.

2. The Wall.

Elsa encircles Storybrooke with an impenetrable wall of ice.

Filling Plot Holes

1. “You can always give up tomorrow.”

Anna totally taught Charming how to fight and why it’s important.  Elizabeth Lail studied sword fighting at UNC.  So, this is how the shepherd was able to defeat dragons.

Erin’s Happy Shipper Moments

Captain Swan

Clearly, this was a Captain Swan shipper’s episode. There are moments of funny and moments of sweet.

  1. Hook laments he didn’t bring champagne to the ice wall for their “second date”.
  2. Charming asks Hook about his intentions towards Emma and Hook responds he wouldn’t risk his life for loot and that where their relationship goes is as much up to Emma as him.
  3. Hook, in panic, attempts to “pick” his way through the ice to save Emma with his hand.
  4. When Emma is freed, there is much cuddling between her and Hook, and she even changes their hand holding from normal to the extra romantic finger-weave. Also, she runs her fingers through the back of his hair.



  1. Snow and Charming’s romantic refrain of “I’ll find you,” expands to include whoever needs finding, like Anna.


JamesannaAnd introducing…Charming Anna, our new one true pairing!

  1. Pre-Snow Charming, David is a bit like Kristoff, all hairy and cynical…until he meets Anna. Anna is Snow before Snow. Her attitude and skills with the sword literally makes David a better person!
  2. David is willing to fight the impossible fight only when Anna’s life is at stake.

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