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Frozen Friday: Big Hero 6

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We tried watching Once Upon a Time with our toddler last weekend to see how recognizable and entertaining live action Elsa might be.  The response was mixed.  On the one hand, Elsa’s as riveting in our world as she is in hers.  So are Anna, Hans, and Kristoff for that matter.  But they’re not on screen all the time.

We endured some pleas for Elsa’s return and managed to explain that she’d be back pretty soon.  I think, overall, our little Frozen fan could deal with an ensemble narrative with shifting settings and multiple timelines.  That’s not really the issue, though.  Unlike PBS shows designed in discrete segments or uninterrupted fifteen minute arcs, Once Upon a Time is primarily a vehicle for the delivery of advertisements.

Predictably, they totally lose our toddler.  Not only are Once ads are for adults, but a couple of the breaks are as long as the content bursts.  One ad, however, stopped the chatter.

Maybe not for the reason you’d think.  Sure, Baymax is entertaining and huggable.  And the Big Hero 6 trailer is fast paced and brightly colored.

What got the, “Oh!” was this:

Our little hipster’s developing a discerning palate or something.  “Want to see it.”  I can’t say we’ll be ready for a full length feature at the theater this holiday season.  But there’s a fair chance we’ll be adding a third movie to the iPad.  Adding the soccer ball gag in at the end was probably the coup de grâce.

Fun fact:  Hans appears in the movie.


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