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Once Upon a Time “The Apprentice” Previews and Predictions

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Coming Tonight: Once Upon a Time 4×04

CAUTION: sneak peeks, spoilers, and suppositions

“The Apprentice”After Emma asks Hook out on a real first date, Hook visits Mr. Gold and asks for his hand to be reattached so that he can embrace her with both hands. But magic always comes with a price. Henry and Mary Margaret try to offer hope to Regina when she becomes frustrated over not being able to find a cure to save a frozen Marian, and Will Scarlet attempts to break into the Storybrooke library to find a special book. Meanwhile, back in the Fairy Tale Land that was, Rumplestiltskin is after a magical box that the Sorcerer’s apprentice is guarding, and he may use Elsa’s sister Anna to help him get it, written by Andrew Chambliss & Dana Horgan and directed by Ralph Hemecker.

Here’s the promo that aired after last week’s episode:

ABC has released two sneak peeks for “The Apprentice.”  In the first, Anna walks in on the Dark One and we see what happens when unshakable faith meets immoderate imp.

In the second, Killian refuses to take some free advice.

In our initial reactions to “Rocky Road,” Erin noted that the episode was well timed for and the setup so contextualized that it might cause “some Halloween-themed shenanigans ala Evil Dead 2.”  From the preview, it doesn’t even look like Rumple needs to take an active, er, hand in such an outcome.

And while this still could launch a thousand ships all by itself, the single rose in conjunction with anything to do with the Beast, especially a magical transformation, has some definite Disney dimensions.

Let’s just say we don’t expect Hook to be dual wielding by the end of the episode.  And we wonder what he’ll have to do to be rid of his sinister past once again.

The cast credits teased that we’ll see both the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Zoso, the Dark One prior to Rumplestiltskin.  Getting some non-Frozen flashbacks for any character is probably something veteran Once fans would do whatever it takes to get.  So that should be interesting.

The themes for the episode appear to be theft, the impertinence of being earnest, and the solid, repeating beat of family.  Look for other opportunistic pilfering to pile on Anna’s excursion and Will’s library larceny.  Expect honesty in every situation to be ignored, exploited, or suspected.

Mary Margaret’s back in her neutral colors, so she’s likely to be the emotional cornerstone of the show, wary but determined.  This should contrast with Anna’s unfettered hope and possible eventual doubts about her own mission and actions.  The end result will be a retrenching of emotional positions, which is a good place to be in for a fourth episode.  Anna’s “whatever it takes,” will be back later in the arc for some crocodile hide.

Oh, and mirrors.  There will absolutely be mirrors.  Adding more Beauty and the Beast imagery pulls Adam’s own mirror into the story, if only by proxy.  I should have seen in in “White Out,” when Rumple was shown spying on Anna through the crystal ball.  He’s confined to the castle only to reinforce these visual metaphors.



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