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‘Play It Again, Dick’ Ep. 6 Review

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I was pleased to see that episode 6 keeps the pacing and humor going. Do give it a watch before reading on if you’d prefer not to be spoiled. And now that we’re actually into the plot of the show within the show, there are spoilers to the murder mystery Dick is investigating.

Watch episode 6 here on CWSeed.


Very little of the episode is the meta-story of creating “Private Dick,” so the whole episode flies by. I had to double check that’d I’d really just watched an 8-minute show–it felt much, much shorter.

What we do get is Ryan responding to whether it was a difficult decision to kill off Weevil. He says all the great shows do it, listing many contemporary examples but focusing on Game of Thrones. He says he was up for the part of Jon Snow but that they weren’t sure about his English accent. Then he delivers part of the vows made by the Night’s Watch initiates in a quite average British accent. This is funny for being so out of place. The brain just automatically starts imagining Ryan in the role. He tops it off by asking, “What does England have to do with Westeros?”

After this we continue the rough cut of “Private Dick” with Dick meeting Madison upstairs in one of the B&B’s rooms. The parody of detective-oriented film noir tropes are all here: obtrusive voice over, the sexy femme fatale in Madison, the snappy dialogue dripping with innuendo, the scarred detective drinking his pain away. The dialogue between Dick and Madison starts in double entendre and ends in explicitness. Of course, there’s also that big case that the detective is haunted by. Here Beaver returns as a ghost to consult on the Weevil case. He tries once again to convince Dick that he jumped from the roof of the Grand, referencing the finale of Veronica Mars season 2. Madison asks Dick where Veronica is. He explains she’s got a big open house–this is a buyer’s market. Relegating Veronica to being a real estate agent is absurd in a hilarious way. This is the best scene in the whole series thus far. More please!

By the way, the explicitness highlights a truth about Veronica Mars–it was always bordering on the sexually overt. Two brothers named Dick and Beaver? That’s not subtle.

Dick goes downstairs to find Keith Mars, via Skype, questioning witnesses. He’s been hired by a wealthy mystery woman (who has a Hugh Hefner-type husband and two dead kids). Clearly this is Celeste Kane. Why would she hire Keith to find Weevil’s murder? The dick, er, I mean, plot thickens.

Dick announces to Keith that he’s a P.I. now and this is his case. Keith attempts to get Dick to realize he’s in over his, ahem, head. Dick insinuates Keith is old. Dick attempts to make the point that the key is his stolen sunglasses. Then Keith receives a sandwich he didn’t order from room service. He takes a few bites then starts choking and foaming at the mouth, like Weevil did. His final words are to pass along a house being sold by owner for Veronica to check out.

The parody is high and the jokes land. I look forward to the continuation of Dick’s detective adventures.


Author: Erin Perry

I'm a high school English teacher specializing in AP Literature and Film Analysis. I'm interested in most things geeky, including superheroes, vampires, zombies, teen culture, postmodern philosophy, pop culture analysis, and combinations of the aforementioned. Follow me on Twitter @eriuperry.

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