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Frozen Friday: Multi-Platinum Blonde

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This week, an article in The Guardian suggested that 2014 would be the first year without a million selling, or platinum certified, album.  Every year, it seems, the music industry is dying.  I’m pretty sure I can’t remember a time when it wasn’t.

What’s really happening is that the music industry is changing.  They were talking about single artists.  One album is outselling everything else by a wide margin.

One album has managed to sell over a million copies so far this year, but it’s a soundtrack. The ever-popular Frozen soundtrack may slowly be working its way down the charts, but it is by far the best selling collection this year. Though it doesn’t have any marquee names on it—those that are usually expected to sell the best—the soundtrack has managed to move 3.2 million copies so far, and with winter coming, that number is sure to rise. (Forbes)

The sales numbers for the  Frozen soundtrack are incredible.  The next four best-selling albums  in 2014 are, in order, Beyonce’s Beyonce, Lorde’s Pure Heroin, Eric Church’s Outsiders, and Coldplay’s Ghost Stories.  Frozen‘s triple platinum sales exceeded all of those, put together.

I’m only surprised by the sort of enormity of the difference.  I imagine almost every parent who sees that just nods.  Our toddler knows good portions of “Love is an Open Door,” “For the First Time in Forever,” and, of course, “Let it Go.”  And consequently so do we.

Here’s Frozen reimagined in the idiom popular when cassette tapes were killing the music biz:


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