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Once Upon a Time “The Snow Queen” Previews and Predictions

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Coming Tonight: Once Upon a Time 4×07

CAUTION: peeks sneaked, pres viewed, and spoilers spec’d

“The Snow Queen”Emma captures the Snow Queen and interrogates her at the sheriff’s station. But the Snow Queen uses her prior knowledge of Emma to try to persuade her into thinking that they are more alike than she could possibly imagine. Regina and Robin Hood’s relationship grows increasingly complex as they struggle to find a way to save his dying wife, Emma begins to see what she missed out on by not growing up and being a family with Snow and Charming when she sees how involved Mary Margaret is in baby Neal’s life, and Henry begins his after school job in Gold’s shop while trying to help Regina find a clue to the identity of the author of the storybook. Meanwhile, in Arendelle of the past, we learn about the origin of the Snow Queen and her familial connection to Elsa and Anna as we see her discover her spectacular yet deadly ice powers, written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz and directed by Billy Gierhart.

Here’s the promo that aired after last week’s episode:

Two sneak peeks were released for “The Snow Queen.”.  In the first, Outlaw Queen shippers get their hearts ripped out and their breath stolen as Robin seeks out Regina in her vault.

In the second, Emma captures the eponymous Snow Queen as she installs her mirror in the clock.

I like how they’re using the mirrors now that they’re not a mystery anymore.  They seem to be running an interesting parallel between the Snow Queen and the Evil Queen.  The arc’s villain is white as snow and the evolving heroine is pitched black.  Each stands in front of her mirror facing what she truly wants: Robin for Regina and Emma and Elsa for Ingrid.

Mirror Queens

I’d been thinking about how Ingrid told Gold that Belle was “easy to turn,” and wondering what might make someone, say, difficult to turn.  What hit me was something from “The Apprentice.”  Of course it would be someone who had faced their darkness and turned away from it.  What can that mirror tell Regina that she doesn’t already know?  That she isn’t already struggling with?

She began the season furious at Marian’s return and determined to resolve that problem by any means necessary.  But the moment the newly imprisoned Sidney showed her her past, she began to back down.  I actually think this has greater implications.  Since only someone who had turned away, or their tears I guess, could overcome the enchantment on the bucket, perhaps that will be required to thwart the hat as well.

Given the synopsis, it’s difficult not to think the parallels there are intentional as well.  We revisit both the Author and the Apprentice plots.  I’m guessing Regina will be instrumental in stopping Ingrid and in resolving the broader arc of the season and 4b.

There’s also some strong family themes as we discover the history of Ingrid and Gerda; and Ingrid and Emma.  I suspect that Helga will fill something like the role of Kay in “The Snow Queen,” taken away by the Snow Queen.  They could even double down on it by having Ingrid accidentally harm her with ice magic, like Elsa with Anna.  Come to think of it, did that shard hit Emma on the way by?


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