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Frozen Friday: Behind the Music

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Sunday night we were watching Once Upon a Time and our toddler was looking up from painting when Elsa happened to do something interesting.  Out in Brooklyn, at the Walt Whitman Theater, Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez were doing a benefit show for school diversity with the head writer and puppeteer of Sesame Street.  I’m pretty sure we all would have preferred the latter.

Evil Elsa

Stitch Kingdom attended and has an extensive write up about the show, which involved a discussion of how the music for Frozen was developed and performances of some of the songs discarded as the story evolved.  Apparently while only seven and a half songs made it into the final cut, twenty five were written, but .  Some of those, “We Know Better,” “Spring Pageant,” “More Than Just the Spare,” “You’re You,” and “Life’s Too Short,” are available on the two disc deluxe edition of the soundtrack.

Snowman Army

Attendees to the benefit got to hear early versions of some songs and three additional unreleased tracks.  Stitch Kingdom did their best to transcribe “Hot Hot Ice,” the “In Summer” of a more sinister Olaf; “Cool With Me,” wherein Elsa raps; and “Someone Else’s Shoes,” which had Kristoff and Anna literally swapping shoes and rhyming tomato soup with reindeer poop.  As changes were made these songs became irrelevant or contradictory to the plot and had to be abandoned.

We’re huge fans of the finished product.  I wouldn’t go on about this every week if we weren’t.  And I appreciate the impression Frozen has left on our toddler.  Even so, I’d still love to hear Anna sing the line, “Yes, you’re really quite the showman with these mean and mutant snowmen.”


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