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Star Wars Saturday: Behind the Scenes of a New Hope with BFI

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The British Film Institute is hosting a Star Wars Day celebration that includes an exhibit of behind-the-scenes photos and script pages from script supervisor on A New Hope, Ann Skinner. It shows interesting edits to scenes, deleted scenes, pictures taken on set to show actor marks at ends of takes, and pictures of the cast relaxing between takes.

IGN has an exclusive look at this exhibit. Please check out all of the wonderful images and video tour of the exhibit with the curator they have available over there.

To whet your appetite, I include some of the standouts.


Biggs Darklighter, Tatooine Gentleman!

Biggs Darklighter, Tatooine Gentleman!

Unknown female character, perhaps connected to the deleted scene with Biggs. One of Luke's friends perhaps?

Koo Stark is the character’s name, seemingly connected to the deleted scene with Biggs. One of Luke’s friends perhaps?

Beneath the helmet! Sideburns!

Beneath the helmet! Sideburns!

Author: Erin Perry

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