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Frozen Friday: One Year Later

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Wednesday marked Frozen‘s Paper Anniversary.  It’s been with us a year now and local stores finally have some merchandise now and then.  We’ve only been fans for about half that time and yet it somehow seems much, much longer.


For the anniversary, Disney made us something.  They’re releasing, “for an extremely limited time,” a sing-along dvd edition for the holiday season.  All of the songs are accompanied by their lyrics with time marked by a bouncing snowflake.  So, if you still don’t know the words to the ice harvesters’ “Frozen Heart,” here’s your chance to learn them.

In return, they’d like some of your paper.

The sing-along premiered Monday at London’s Royal Albert Hall with three showings.  More than two hundred choralists lead thousand strong crowds through “Do You Want to Build a Snowman,” “For the First Time in Forever,” and all the rest.

The Telegraph posted a review of the final show along with a video of the crowd’s rapturous rendition of the unstoppable juggernaut “Let it Go.”  It’s really quite something to hear so many people, children and adults, coming together over a song I’d have no relationship to if not for my toddler.



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