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Star Wars Saturday: The Force Awakens Teaser

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Hey, no surprise that this week’s edition of Star Wars Saturday tackles the teaser. Of course, most fans will have already seen the teaser and had a “Wait, what?” moment with that new lightsaber.

Points of interest:

  1. Seeming star #1: John Boyega, donning Stormtrooper gear, looking for all the world like he needs to get the hell off of what appears to be Tatooine. Is he escaping duty, going AWOL from the Empire? Or is he in disguise, stealing new-new Death Star plans or other invaluable data (like the possible whereabouts of one Luke Skywalker)? A glance of his quick reactions and sweaty visage make me think George Lucas would have a hard time telling him to be “faster and more intense.”
  2. Seeming star #2: Daisy Ridley, wearing goggles rigged out of Stormtrooper helmet lenses (badass!), and riding some really bizarre-looking landspeeder/speederbike cross through more sandy landscape. Again, clearly she has some motivation to move quickly, like she’s being chased, as the voice over tells us there has been an “awakening–have you felt it?–in the dark side and the light.” One is left to wonder if one of these two is the new light side awakening.daisyridley
  3. Clearly the dark side awakening belongs to our black-robed villain with the wonky lightsaber. He moves through a dark, snowy landscape with trees reminiscent of no planet we’ve seen thus far.t saber
  4. Now, lots of fans are all uppity about the lightsaber with the #sabergate hashtag marking their Twitter fury or fawning. I’m in support of the new T-saber. Consider that one lightsaber-wielding combatant against another has only one way to disarm her opponent, and that is by literally disarming that person. The only way to make some sort of wrist guard is to have two mini lightsabers jutting out of the handle. It will change the person’s movements with the lightsaber to be sure–you wouldn’t be able to pull off young Obi-Wan’s repeated flourish where he circles it back by his shoulder before attacking, but I frankly won’t miss that move. Really, though the T-saber looks a bit dumb, it’s a pretty genius hack. As fellow Dinglehopper Michael so eloquently put it: “How many more handless Jedi do we need in this universe?”
  5. Familiar ships include the Millenium Falcon, X-Wings, and Tie-Fighters. In fact, that looked an awful lot like Wedge Antilles flying that X-Wing, but NO! It’s actually Oscar Isaac’s character. The X-Wings are different, of course, but completely recognizable. We also get the sound of an Imperial Probe Droid after the shot of John Boyega–perhaps it is looking to assassinate him. The Falcon stays true to character by running from Tie-Fighters to a John Williams score. ❤
  6. The new Stormtrooper armor keeps the classic black-and-white but gives the helmet a nice Joker grin to be all disquieting. I can’t help but like it.
  7. A soccer ball with an R2-unit’s head. Weird. But cute. I’m sure my toddler will love it.soccerbot


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