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Frozen Friday: Be Merched

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FFF ChDsgnrench website RadioDisneyClub may have unintentionally leaked the character designs for the upcoming Frozen Fever short. Set to premiere in front of Kenneth Branagh’s Cinderella on March 13, 2015, Frozen Fever revolves around Elsa and Kristoff’s plans for Anna’s birthday. Disney appears to be ready with tie in merchandise this time around.

The website posted a roundup of late 2014 and 2015 offerings which included several items with the new designs. In keeping with the Spring theme, Elsa’s dress is more teal rather than ice blue and accented with snowflake/flower hybrid iconography. Anna’s design is a version of her travelling dress with a green and gold jacket brightening it up a bit. Even Kristoff’s muted earth tones might be shading more into brown than grey.

I think it works. Anna’s coronation dress wasn’t too far from this color scheme to begin with. And Olaf always wanted to smell the flowers. Elsa’s imagery can easily withstand the change. I can imagine sun-flakes for summer and snow-leaves for fall in addition to her traditional ice-blue look.

The product previews were only up for a short time before they were taken down, but the ever savvy internet managed to save a couple. On the left there’s a toddler dress featuring a bouquet of sunflowers. On the right a tote/gift bag with the short’s cast and a birthday gift.

FF Merch


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