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Children’s Book Review: Star Wars Colors

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Star Wars Colors

Apparently this novelty board book is the third in a series. Star Wars ABC and Star Wars 123 with some of the friendlier characters from a galaxy far, far away adorning their covers were huge hits. If they were anything like Star Wars Colors I can see why.

Our toddler found the cover attractive and learned Darth Vader’s name immediately. Lets face facts here; the Imperial folks and the ancillary baddies just look cool. But there’s a good mix of original recipe, prequel, and special edition imagery inside.

All of it’s geared toward making the particular color both obvious and fun. Better yet, since you’re probably getting this ’cause you’re a Star Wars geek raising another Star Wars geek, chances are you’ll have an experience like we did.


“Oh! Where’s my Chewbacca? I have to find him!” Cue scampering and digging and a breathless race back to the book. “They match!”

I checked this out from the library. I’m probably gonna have to buy it. Is there a higher compliment?


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