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Community Season Six Air Date Announced

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Illness has been, pardon the hyperbolic pun, plaguing our family for a couple weeks now. Over the last few days, I made some last ditch efforts at resistance which proved futile. In the midst of a twenty four hour sleeping binge, I woke up to this.

I can’t exactly credit my slow crawl toward recovery to the creator of Planetary, but knowing he was as enthusiastic as we are probably helped.

We loved Community for so long and so intensely that it’s difficult to remember that our guild approved nemeses actually had to badger us into watching it. We endured the inconsistent fourth season and celebrated the fifth as a return to form.  And, of course, we mourned its inevitable cancellation.

Here’s the Yahoo link, with the announcement video. The returning cast along with new member Paget Brewster make appearances to ironically promote that which needs no promotion.

“You know Community; it’s the best show in the history of all viewed anything.”

Joel McHale claims they’ve got Keanu Reeves, Julia Roberts, and Meryl Streep lined up to guest star. When he gets to dinosaurs and unicorns it stretches credibility a little.

The first two episodes will air back to back, which seems to be a new trend. Additional episode will air weekly rather than the all-at-once release schedule of other online providers.


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