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Gender-Swapped Ghostbusters Cast

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ghostbusters rebootWhat was once a pipe-dream is actually becoming reality! Paul Feig, director of Bridesmaids (the second greatest female-centered comedy of all time after Mean Girls), is set to write and direct a gender-swapped Ghostbusters reboot. Melissa McCarthy has reportedly signed on while Sony is now in negotiations with three more comediennes: Kristin Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon.

Who knows whether the four will be written to parallel the original four characters or if Feig will create all new characters. I could see McCarthy being a fantastic analog for Dan Ackroyd’s Ray Stantz. Venkman and Spengler are less clear. I do so hope that Feig won’t automatically place Leslie Jones in Ernie Hudson’s role, but this is Hollywood, and it sometimes has a hard time being flexible about race (understatement).

If the women do fit a similar character-type set to the original film, let us have Channing Tatum in Sigourney Weaver’s role! I want to see Tatum in some skimpy, shimmery frock being sexually objectified as a demi-god, like in Magic Mike. Let us have Judy Greer as his geeky neighbor in Rick Moranis’s place, hair tousled and boobs oddly askew like in Arrested Development.

Frankly, I think the casting is made of awesome. Bridesmaids was a delight, and Wiig’s and McCarthy’s open-hearted scene near the end was the emotional highlight. I look forward to seeing what the women and Feig make of classic comedy material.


Author: Erin Perry

I'm a high school English teacher specializing in AP Literature and Film Analysis. I'm interested in most things geeky, including superheroes, vampires, zombies, teen culture, postmodern philosophy, pop culture analysis, and combinations of the aforementioned. Follow me on Twitter @eriuperry.

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