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If Auteurs Directed Superhero Movies

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en-flashI have a few intellectual and entertainment obsessions in my life, but two that are currently at the fore are film study and superheroes. So imagine my glee when these interests aligned in the work of video-artist Patrick Willems.

This man has been building a series of film shorts with this conceit: What if a famous superhero franchise movie was made by an unexpected auteur director? I’m using the term auteur here fairly loosely, since one of the shorts takes on the style of terrible/cult film-maker Tommy Wiseau (of The Room fame). Auteur here means directors whose films have a recognizable artistic style that is clear from film to film. Most recently, Willems applied this equation to the conceit: The X-Men + Wes Anderson. The results are pretty wonderful, just like those jumpsuits.

Other equations which add up to delightfully humorous shorts:

  • The Punisher + Sergio Leone
  • Batman + Tommy Wiseau
  • And my favorite!  The Flash + Ingmar Bergman

The full series is linked below in Playlist form.

Author: Erin Perry

I'm a high school English teacher specializing in AP Literature and Film Analysis. I'm interested in most things geeky, including superheroes, vampires, zombies, teen culture, postmodern philosophy, pop culture analysis, and combinations of the aforementioned. Follow me on Twitter @eriuperry.

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