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Star Wars Saturday: Marvel’s Star Wars #3 Review

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Jason Aaron keeps the climax going at hyperspeed in the third issue of Star Wars, which hit shelves on Tuesday. We left our heroes in dire circumstances. Han and Leia were attempting to stay alive in the Walker, waiting for Luke to get to them for some back up fire and hoping they’d reach C-3PO and a working Millenium Falcon. 3PO, meanwhile, was being taken by planet scavengers from a still non-functional Falcon. Chewbacca’s whereabouts are unknown.

SW3 Luke

This issue closes out the series’ opening adventure with . Our heroes, against tremendous odds, get out with their skins. That’s not a spoiler–everyone clearly survives to live The Empire Strikes Back. The issue does present some crucial aspects. This arc has made Vader all the more aware of Luke and his fledgling Force powers. Additionally, we have a wonderful little moment that cements the growing romance between Han and Leia. Finally, the final pages tease upcoming story in an enticing visual hook. 

Aaron and Cassaday have done a tremendous job bringing this familiar world to life on the page. The story arc has been fun, exciting, significant to the characters’ development, artfully executed. If you haven’t picked up the series yet, I highly recommend doing so.

If you have read the first two issues, you’ve likely already got this under your belt. For more specific, spoilery info, check out’s article on easter eggs and references in the issue.

SW3 page 3


Author: Erin Perry

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