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Once Upon a Time “Enter the Dragon” Previews and Predictions

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Coming Tonight: Once Upon a Time 4×14

CAUTION: snuck peeks, speculation, and spoilers

“Enter the Dragon”In order to infiltrate the Queens of Darkness as a spy for the heroes, Regina must prove she’s still willing to get her hands dirty. Meanwhile, Emma, David and Mary Margaret scramble to keep tabs on their undercover operative. Hook requests an unusual favor from Belle as Henry makes progress on his search for the Author. In a Fairy Tale Land flashback, Regina befriends Maleficent and helps her to rekindle her lost spark, written by David H. Goodman and Jerome Schwartz and directed by Ralph Hemecker.

Here’s the promo that aired after “Unforgiven” last week:

As predicted, we’re back to two sneak peeks per week. In the first, Regina’s so bad she doesn’t even care.

In the second, Regina and the Charmings argue the finer points of subterfuge.

We’re meant to believe that Regina’s desire for a happy ending, for finding the author will tempt her towards actual evil again, whether it’s willing or compelled. My guess is that Maleficent doesn’t believe for a second that Regina’s legitimately looking to help or join the Queens of Darkness. It’s much more likely that they need something done that only Regina can do or that they’re using Regina to lure Emma.

In either case, Mary Margaret’s and David’s willingness to risk either of them is uncomfortable. We’ve seen Snow in particular indulge some of her darker impulses throughout the season, so it’s not exactly unexpected. But whatever they did to Maleficent can’t have been all that bad, at least technically. Snow’s heart was pure until she chose to let Cora die. So they’re letting their secret corrupt them in the present where it didn’t in the past.

How long will it take Operation Mongoose to figure out where the door depicted in August’s drawing is located? Red curtains, brown walls, even the symbol on the floor. We’re looking at the portals inside Jefferson’s hat.

The Author and Jefferson


This is pretty exciting because it provides some possible points of reference for unraveling both the mystery of the author of Once Upon a Time and Will Scarlet’s presence in town. They’ve been painfully slow trickling out clues about the latter. His budding relationship with Belle might even have something to do with this.


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