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Frozen Friday: Recovery

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Frozen Fever Kindle

A couple days before Frozen Fever and Cinderella hit theaters, Amazon recommended this. It doesn’t look like much. But let’s face some hard truths here; it doesn’t have to. It’s a sixteen page condensed version of the already short, um, short. I downloaded the sample and opened it up.

I wasn’t really impressed. Unlike some of our other Frozen books, this is just animation stills with plain text printed over the images. Or, more often, just under them.

Happy Birthday Anna

It’s relatively small print and frankly a lot of text for something I’d be reading to my toddler at bedtime. I was a little worried that it would be both boring and exhausting. I decided to pass in favor of the embarrassment of Bubble Guppies riches available with Kindle Unlimited.

So of course I forgot to delete the sample. Our toddler may not be reading yet, but the Frozen font is a logo unto itself. “What’s that?! Is that a book?! Can you read it to me?!”

What the heck. It’s three dollars. The worst that can happen is we only read it a couple times. If only. I read it three times that night.

Despite being kind of stilted, it’s not bad. It is a lot of text, but it’s memorable with touchstones in the pictures and in toddler life. The brightly colored letters in the banner above, for example, start conversations about the alphabet, painting, and birthdays.

In addition, when we did go to see it on the big screen, our toddler was essentially prepared. Our enjoyment wasn’t diminished one bit. I think the jokes landed more solidly and brought more pleasure. This certainly did.

Dry Banana Hippy Hat


And lately, we’ve been spelling out “DRY BANANA HIPPY HAT” and pointing to the individual words as we say them. Like Frozen, Frozen Fever was designed for repeat viewings. But it also seems to have been crafted with adaptation in mind. A block letter banner with no repeating colors in either anagram isn’t necessary for an animated short, but it’s perfect for a children’s book.

There’s a chance reading this over and over again will lull you to sleep if not drive you mad. But it’s great for its target audience. And a teachable text. Who knew?


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