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Once Upon a Time “Poor Unfortunate Soul” Previews and Predictions

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 Coming Tonight: Once Upon a Time 4×15

CAUTION: subtle spoilers, sneak peeks, and speculations

“Poor Unfortunate Soul”Hook leverages his complicated history with Ursula to find out what she knows about Gold’s endgame. Gold and the Queens of Darkness torture August for information about the Author as Emma, Mary Margaret and David race to find them. Regina grows concerned for Robin Hood’s safety while she struggles to maintain her cover with the villains. In a Fairy Tale Land flashback, when a restless young Ursula enlists Hook’s help to run away from home, she soon learns it isn’t wise to trust a pirate, written by Andrew Chambliss and Dana Horgan and directed by Steve Pearlman.

Here’s the promo from last week:

Sneak Peek 1

In the first sneak peek, Hook has the conch. He has a right to speak.

The second is Outlaw Queen fanservice. You’re welcome.

There’s an incredibly brief snot of Snow White dressed in red and black with teleport or transformation effects in the promo. Red is used as Regina’s transitional color in the Enchanted Forest flashbacks, signaling her descent into darkness. She eventually ends up in all black. Mary Margaret’s been switching colors depending on the scene all season, but the combination of of red and black with dark magic here is a direct parallel. We’ll see her bad by the end of the season if not sooner.

Regina dwelling on Robin isn’t exactly good news. Gold’s offering her a chance at finding the Author and forcing her happy ending when all the Charming crew can do it cheer and struggle. I was thinking last episode that Rumple probably knows she’s a spy and doesn’t care. Why would he?

We’ll definitely get to the bottom of the story between Hook and Ursula. The cat credits mention Ariel. The best turnabout would be giving her Ursula’s singing voice, wouldn’t it? I wonder if we’ll see the poor unfortunate souls?Poor Unfortunate Souls


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