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Once Upon a Time “Sympathy for the De Vil” Previews and Predictions

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Coming Tonight: Once Upon a Time 4×18

CAUTION: spoilers, speculations, and sneak peeks

“Sympathy for the De Vil”In fictional 1920s England, viewers meet a young Cruella, whose oppressive mother uses her Dalmatians to terrorize her daughter. Cruella is confined to her mother’s attic until a mysterious stranger arrives and empowers her to challenge her captor. In Storybrooke, Regina gains leverage to keep Gold from interfering with her plan to rescue Robin, but her trip to New York takes the backseat when she and Emma learn that Cruella has kidnapped Henry, written by David H. Goodman and Jerome Schwartz and directed by Romeo Tirone.

Check out the promo that aired after last week’s episode.

In the first sneak peek Cruella puts a dragon to sleep.

In the second, she messes with moms.

And in the third, Emma confronts her parents.

It’s probably safe to assume that the mysterious, empowering stranger is the Author himself. And it’s nice to see the fictional 1920’s England that was Baelfire’s brief stopover between the Enchanted Forest and Neverland. I wonder if they’ll play them as Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald. It’s been on my mind since Rumpelstiltskin smelled gin and desperation.

I was probably wrong about her just wanting Pongo back, though.

4x18 Evil Emma

While I’m excited by all of that, we’re closing in on the end of the season. We’ve seen how Charming and Snow aren’t exactly what we thought they were and where their mean streak originates. But Emma’s gathering darkness is still just on the edges.

I keep wondering what, if anything, the Oscars promo has to do with anything.

At first glance it seems like not much. Like there’s been a bait and switch. We were promised three Queens of Darkness. One of them’s gone. The other’s more interested in her daughter, wich is totally understandable. and they’ve swapped in the Author and Zelena.

But maybe it’s just more subtle than that. Gold’s endgame is changing the rules and blackening Emma’s heart is the method. Maybe Ursula’s happy ending was part of the plan. To show Emma that villains are both deserving and capable of the happily ever after. Maleficent then, was essential to breaking Emma’s relationship with her parents. Making her question the heroes’ happy endings and perhaps even her own.

Cruella could be the final straw. Emma’s been looking slightly darker every episode, but here she’s arming Regina and her face up there is stone cold. Cruella kidnapping Henry could be the catalyst for tarnishing Emma’s heart. If that’s the case, I’m a bit worried for Mrs. Feinberg.


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