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DELAYED: Early Observations about Once Upon a Time 4×20

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Normally, The Dinglehopper shares some of the pop cultural references and delights in the ships of the most recent episode of Once Upon a Time on Monday mornings. But today we find ourselves unable to to family business. No not 4×06; we did that one almost six months ago. An illness prevented both a comprehensive watch and any real writing.

We apologize to anyone who came expecting our weekly roundup and we promise it’ll post tomorrow morning.

4x20 The Sorcerer and Merlin

In the meantime, enjoy this comparative study of the Sorcerer and a certain old wizard from The Sword in the Stone.



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The collective authors of The Dinglehopper, two women married with a toddler and a precocious 5-year-old teetering on the margins of hipster-geekism and too much training in social and literary criticism.

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