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Star Wars Saturday: Mark Hamill’s Family Photo Album from ROTJ

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Earlier this week, featured a collection from the Hamill family archives–behind-the-scenes snapshots from when Mark Hamill’s wife and young child visited the set. They are simply precious. Imagine what it might have been like to, at the age of three, sit inside R2-D2 or meet actual Ewoks! Nathan Hamill was blessed.

But there are gems for all fans. Here are some highlights. The rest can be found here.


This is easily my favorite simply because it is so unexpected to see Emporer Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid, left) with such a broad, ingratiating smile. He’s such a cuddly fellow! I further love the very 1983 fall fashions sported by Ian, Mark, and Denis Lawson aka Wedge Antilles.

7oyNBxa - Imgur

What if Luke had fallen to the Dark Side? This pose suits him well. He also appears to be channeling Mr. Burns.

xmqSxTv - Imgur

Oh, Nathan Hamill, you are so adorable peeking out of R2-D2! “Can I live in here, Dada?”

0wLaou2 - Imgur

The awesomeness in this one is all in the sidelong look and pinched chin that puppeteer Frank Oz is giving to Yoda. There is some sort of disapproving judgment implied. Perhaps Yoda senses a poopy diaper?

3HOjVgz - Imgur

Look at the joy on that child’s face. Adult fans might malign the Ewoks for being glorified teddy bears to entice the kiddies, but, hey, it worked! He even got to meet a BABY Ewok. I am overwhelmed by the cute.


Author: Erin Perry

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