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Children’s Book Review: The Best Mama in the World

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The Best Mama in the World by Susanne Lutje, illustrated by Eleni Zabini

The Best Mama in the WorldWe all have the best mama!
It doesn’t matter who you ask, each of us will agree.
That the one with the best mama of all is obviously, me!
From hugs and kisses to playing and comforting—mamas are all the best! A little fox, a kitten, a duckling, a little girl and more share their favorite things about their mamas.

I picked this one up from the library because we were gifted one called The V ery Best Daddy of All. Now, I like attention from our toddler plenty. And Mom gets plenty of love.  But as I was flipping through titles this one jumped out. Share the glory and the burden of our cult of personality, I say.

The Best Mama in the World is a simple board book witBest Mama internalh a classic message. A series of anthropomorphized animals apply bandages, prepare tea, and build sandcastles as mother and child, reinforcing the bonds between mothers and children with familiar activities. The book ends with a mother tucking her daughter in at night, making it a great choice for a bedtime story.

The art is sharp and detailed. The pages are colored in bright but soft pastels. And the subject matter, no matter how ridiculous, is taken entirely seriously. All of this contributes a sense of warmth and caring.

A good read for Mother’s Day and every day.

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