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Syfy’s The Magicians Comic Con Sneak Peek

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The Magicians Syfy Logo

Comic Con is typically an embarrassment of riches for folks like us. We’ve spent the past couple days eagerly devouring briefly exclusive clips of upcoming shows and movies. For me, though, nothing’s been more exciting than this.

We posted about the first clip a little more than a month ago. It was full of brief moments designed to entice fans of The Magicians. However, this scene, Quentin’s audition really, is longer than that teaser in its entirety.

As I said before, I’m pretty easygoing about adaptations. That doesn’t mean I don’t notice divergence from the source material. Quite the contrary. There are significant differences from the text here. But they’ve perfectly captured the tone. Quentin’s slightly baffled, subtly snotty, almost ineffective. Dean Fogg is aggressive, exasperated, encouraging. And the magic is beautiful. Simple, tactile, and elegant.

I can’t wait. I made this face.

Dean Fogg The Magicians


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