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Mad Max: Fury Road in Shiny Black and Chrome

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Do you remember when Mad Max: Fury Road came out? I do. It was pretty much the last thing we did before our second child demanded to be witnessed. The following week is a bit of a blur. There was a tiny human being. Lots of yawning. And articles about the movie.

If I tried to do anything else, like, say, read a book, the tiny human being declared le fin du monde. As long as I read about Fury Road on my smartphone everything was okay. Good times, really.

c'est joli n'est-ce pas

One of the most exciting things I remember reading is this article at /Film. Here’s the relevant bit:

A while after this talk, during a post-film reception, I spoke with Miller about his affinity for that black and white version of Fury Road. He said that he has demanded a black and white version of Fury Road for the blu-ray, and that version of the film will feature an option to hear just the isolated score as the only soundtrack — the purest and most stripped-down version of Fury Road you can imagine.

We’ve known for awhile that this actually wasn’t going to happen. As soon as the option to pre-order was available, folks decried the relatively standard set of bonus features. Because that version of the film exists. For whatever reason, Warner Bros. refused to release it.

Black and Chrome

Unlike most of us, one blogger has taken action. The individual behind Mad Max: Black and Chrome has painstakingly created the best possible approximation of what should have been. It looks like the edit preserves tonal range, shadows, and highlights rather than simply being desaturated. The artist provides the following explanation and disclaimer.

George Miller has said that the best version of his film is in black and white, with no dialogue. BLACK & CHROME is an attempt to realize Miller’s alternate vision. The cinematography, the editing, the sound design, and the score, are now represented in a completely new experience.

I do not own the rights to this video. All rights belong to its rightful owner/owners. No copyright infringement intended. This is merely an exercise and study of the art of filmmaking.

The exercise includes the soundtrack without dialogue. In places it’s just fantastic. In others, it showcases the craft the actors brought to bear amidst the chaos. Well worth the watch.

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