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I Guess I’m Grateful: Persephone’s Return in ‘The Wicked + The Divine’?

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wicdiv11We started reading The Wicked + The Divine in trade paperback, which meant that the story built a momentum that didn’t get interrupted by waiting for issues. The final events of Fandemonium (issue #11) hit like a brick to the face. Ananke deifies Laura only to kill her moments later. And on the heals of Baphomet murdering Inanna. Surprising. Heart-breaking. Confusing.

Gillen offered this insight on his blog: “Yeah. Sorry.”

Laura’s been our naive and unreliable narrator this whole time. She’s been our witness and audience analog since the beginning. But as of issue #11, page 22, she’s dead.

Except maybe she isn’t. We aren’t the first to put forth this possibility. The germ of this article came from reviews of issue #14, “The Re-Re-Remix,” that included something like, “a new Valkyrie who may or may not be Laura.” But the evidence pointing to Persephone’s return in the form of Woden’s mysterious new companion is, in our minds, nearly incontrovertible.

For the rest of our exploration of why Laura is Woden’s new Valkyrie, click through to PopOptiq!


Woden and Laura


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