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Finding Dory: Revisiting the Sequel Solution

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It’s been more than a year since I turned in my disaffected cynic card and posted “Monsters University and the Sequel Solution.” It was a short review and comparison with the original. I ceded my critical perspective, at least with regard to children’s fare, to our toddler, gave it eleven thumbs up and allowed that it was superior in almost every respect. Because actually whatever.

So here’s the thing. Cars 2 is supposed to be a bust. They took everything that was endearing out and overlaid a spy plot, or so I hear. I bet it’s awesome. Our toddler’s favorite characters vroomin’ more often.

Flash forward to today. We own Cars 2 and it’s at least as good as the first one. That’s all. So when this bombshell dropped last month, I threw my arms up in fiero.

Disney Pixar Release Schedule

But not just because of Cars 3Finding Nemo was more than a decade old when we watched it. It’s  scary and intricate and basically nonstop action. And it’s unforgettable. Frozen explained agape. Cars articulated wisdom. And Finding Nemo demonstrated persistence. Emotional vocabulary stuff that’s stickier for younglings than Inside Out.

So we get two major sequels. Major for our family anyway. Sequels that can be shared with a younger sibling. I apologize for being part of the supposed problem, I guess.

Even knowing it was on the slate, I could barely believe it when the Finding Dory trailer dropped. I had been a dead rumor for so long.

There’s hardly anything to it. Nemo, Marlin, Dory. Their house. Oh, no! Dory’s getting away. Our preschooler doesn’t need much more than that. So, y’know, good job. Thank you. We’ll be there.

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