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Thanksgiving Week Holiday

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Due to a family trip to the National Council for Teachers of English Fall Convention and the upcoming holiday, Michael and I have decided to take the week off to get our knickers sorted.


However, we won’t leave you entirely empty handed. We give you this quickly-becoming-infamous Lip Sync Battle which Erin calls “Feminist Shows Anti-Feminist What Feminism Is.” Anthony Mackie, who when asked if he is a feminist responded, “That’s a very strange concept to me, and I don’t think I know enough about it to answer that question,” had his hinney handed to him by Joseph “I do call myself a feminist. Absolutely!” Gordon-Levitt. See for yourself.


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The collective authors of The Dinglehopper, two women married with a toddler and a precocious 5-year-old teetering on the margins of hipster-geekism and too much training in social and literary criticism.

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