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Paper Girls: Updated Logographic Language Decoder


Paper Girls #3 definitely brings some surprises as the action amps up. Startling revelations and deepening mysteries in almost equal measure. I was excited to see the relatively extensive logographic dialog. We were able to add three characters to the substitution cipher and have updated the chart accordingly. Welcome B, J, and ?.

Paper Girls Time Traveler's Language Key Updated


We couldn’t be happier that folks are using the decoder. However, we realize that the appeal is probably limited to a particular subset of fans. If you’re only interested in what the Cyborg Chrononauts are saying rather than how to figure it out, here are the translations for “Death is Forever.”

Paper Girls 3 Decoded.


Author: Cassandra

mom, wife, accounts payable, serial dropout, theory bitch, anarcho-idunno-syndicalist, literary alchemy enthusiast

8 thoughts on “Paper Girls: Updated Logographic Language Decoder

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  3. X is the very last symbol in issue 8. The fake contest page.


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  5. What about the last character in the last word in the qoutes on the backside of vol 3. (named best comic 2016 by:)

    It reads something like apple but what is that last character?


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