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Toys in Babeland: A Star Wars Story


We took our preschooler to see The Force Awakens, but, as everyone who’s seen it knows, it’s loud and violent and morally complicated. We honored a polite request to go home after the rathtars. I thought that was it for Star Wars.

It wasn’t. When our preschooler started talking about Finn and Rey and Phasma, I was indescribably relieved. We’re long time fans, and the next five years were going to be weird.

Last week, Entertainment Weekly reported that Rey, largely absent from the first wave of toys, was going to play a much more significant role across several brands in the next one. Her inclusion in the Playskool Heroes line caught my eye. The 2.5″ figures are designed for small hands and big imaginations.

Playskool Next Wave

Since then, I’ve been checking local stores for any of the new characters. So far, I’ve only found Kylo Ren. Our preschooler wants Finn and Rey, but nonetheless had a ball playing with the new villain.

In lieu of a review, I’ll share what a child who hasn’t seen any spoilers got up to with this apparently well designed character. The following photos are reenactments.

First, I heard a bunch of fighting sounds. I later found a Corellian down.

Playskool Kylo Solo

Shortly afterward, I heard, “Darth Vader, I like you because you’re daaarrrrk.”

Playskool Kylo Vader

And then I witnessed a renunciation. “I’m throwing you in the trash, Luke Skywalker.”

Playskool Kylo Skywalker

I take this to be a resounding endorsement for the fidelity of both the figure and the character to the story and the toy line. I can’t wait to see what hijinx Captain Phasma engenders.



Author: Cassandra

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3 thoughts on “Toys in Babeland: A Star Wars Story

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  2. Where did you find the Kylo Ren Galactic Heroes figure? We’ve been searching everywhere and no one carries The Force Awakens characters.


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