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Earthling Cinema: The Hidden Meaning in ‘Frozen’

Welcome back to Frozen Friday!  A few days ago, Wisecrack released an Earthling Cinema analyzing Frozen, and we can’t pass up the opportunity to share.earthlingcinemafrozen

As with all Earthling Cinema, the video starts with our alien host, Garyx Wormuloid, summarizing the film with various humorous askew interpretations, then he goes on to discuss the deeper motifs and themes of the film. Bonus: What Frozen has to do with Game of Thrones.

Personal note: Although I appreciate the attention to the cisgendered love interests, I would have loved some recognition for the asking consent prior to the Anna-Kristoff kiss.

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Frozen Friday: The Snow Settles

Do you want to build a franchise? A couple months ago we shared some of the details of a copyright infringement lawsuit brought against Disney over the structure and content of the first Frozen teaser. You know, the one with the wacky snowman and the reindeer racing to retrieve a carrot on a frozen lake? Wasn’t in the movie. Kind of gave the wrong impression.

It was also apparently modeled after an animated short by Kelly Wilson and Neil Wrischnik called, simply, “The Snowman.” Disney made two attempts to have the case thrown out, but could not persuade the court.

Wilson v Disney 1

“[T]he sequence of events in both works, from start to finish, is too parallel to conclude that no reasonable juror could find the works substantially similar.”

Wilson v Disney 2


The case was scheduled to go to trial in October. However, Wednesday saw the end of 3:14-cv-01441 Wilson v. Walt Disney Company. U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria signed an order dismissing the case without prejudice because the parties had reached a settlement. We’d love to know what the details were, but not sharing them is typically part of such settlements.

We can assume the case was strong enough to encourage the conglomerate to settle, though. And that getting this out of the way was a prerequisite for moving forward with the sequel. Here’s hoping both parties walked away satisfied.

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Frozen Friday: Little Big Arendelle

Frozen Little Big Planet

This is breaking news, but it was news to me. We used to be avid, even hardcore, gamers. Like, we’d spend time between progression raids enjoying console titles. At the recommendation of some good friends, we checked out Little Big Planet and had a lot of fun. Like a lot of folks, we were enthralled by the costuming content as much as the gameplay.

So when I saw that Sony and Disney had released a Frozen-themed pack for Little Big Planet 3, I felt a tug on my heart. We’re calling this a hiatus. The period where our toddler’s motor skills and attention span develop to the point where we can all sit down and play together.

The character costumes – Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Sven – can be purchased separately or together with a bonus Olaf costume. So get that one. The Winter Creator Kit that allows you to recreate your favorite locations in Arendelle is a free download.

Frozen LBP shot


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Frozen Friday: Early Science

Disney ImagicademyYesterday, Disney Imagicademy announced the first of four new iOS apps intended to bring early science concepts to children three to five. Featuring characters from the beloved film, Frozen: Early Science – Cooking and Animal Care introduces toddlers to the phases of matter and life sciences.

The latter is presented by way of a a veterinary role playing scenario in which players raise and care for baby reindeer. Children will learn to respond to the animals’ basic needs and diagnose ailments. Essentially they’ll get a feel for what it takes to keep the reindeer happy and potentially apply that to themselves or their future pets.

The former comes in the form of a cooking game that offers the opportunity to help Oaken and Olaf prepare dishes for Queen Elsa. Dozens of ingredients and various kitchen tools allow players to experiment or follow recipes. In the meantime they’ll learn about the addition and subtraction of heat and moisture and observe water in its various states.

It sounds great and I’ll definitely show it to our toddler. Interest in screens is in a trough, but we hope to bring back a review as soon as we can. It’s available from iTunes for $6.99.

Frozen Early Science

Three more apps will roll out through July. Growing Garden will introduce botany. Ice Structures will encourage logic and reasoning with engineering and design. And Frozen Wilderness will explore ecosystems and zoology.

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Frozen Friday: The Snowman and the Trailer

Frozen Teaser

Last week, I learned about a copyright infringement lawsuit against the creators of Frozen. Or, specifically, the creators of the goofy-snowman-on-ice teaser. You know the one. Olaf and Sven struggle to reach the carrot nose on a frozen pond. It’s not in the movie. It barely has anything to do with the movie. But it’s cute. And it was apparently effective.

In March of 2014, the creators of a digital short called “The Snowman” brought suit. They acknowledge that the movie itself bears little resemblance to the short, but the teaser is another matter. It’s almost immediately obvious why they decided to go to court

The Snowman animated short film for all ages created by Kelly Wilson and Neil Wrischnik.

Disney sought a dismissal, as one does, but was denied. Judge of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California Vincent Chhabria stated that “the sequence of events in both works, from start to finish, is too parallel to conclude that no reasonable juror could find the works substantially similar.” Their second attempt at summary judgement was a claim that none of their employees had seen “The Snowman.” This also failed. The Hollywood Reporter has more details and the judge’s full order.

The trial is tentatively scheduled for October.


The Snowman

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Frozen Friday: The Refrigeration Will Be Televised

With an upcoming Broadway adaptation, Sing-Along events along a special edition DVD, March’s “Frozen Fever” short, and the recent announcement of Frozen II, there appears to be no stopping this cultural juggernaut.


Variety reported Tuesday that Disney announced plans to begin airing Frozen across its television and cable networks – ABC, ABC Family. Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior – next February.

We, of course, welcome our new Of Arendelle overlords and/or ladies, but felt it polite to warn weary parents that hiding the disc will no longer be sufficient for securing some peace and quiet. So get ready to bundle up on the couch with some hot chocolate when you or your loved ones accidentally land on Anna and Elsa while flipping through the channels.

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Frozen Friday: Predicting Frozen II

The Nib bills itself as “Political cartoons, comics journalism, humor and non-fiction. Words plus pictures.” I first became aware of it when Twitter kept rebounding this visual essay about skin tone in comic books. Shortly afterward, and more on the strictly humorous end, Lauren R. Weinstein talked to some kids about Frozen 2 and illustrated their ideas.

Frozen II


Lauren’s website says she’s “a cartoonist, illustrator, painter and avid gardener who lives in scenic New Jersey with her family and dog, Dr. Buddy.” She’s published three books and is incredibly funny. Or maybe it’s the kids.

Will marshmallows roast? Will Elsa get married? Find out here.