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Old Favorites and Our Savior Appearing in New ‘X-Files’

gillian-anderson-and-david-duchovnyMultiple announcements concerning new X-Files cast members has come out in recent days, and it’s all very exciting.

First, THE LONE GUNMEN are back! Confirmed for the series are our favorite conspiracy nuts Langly, Frohike, and Byers – Dean Hagland, Tom Braidwood, and Bruce Harwood respectively. Now, these guys supposedly died in Season 9 of the show but were shown to have faked their deaths during the Season 10 comic book series. But they could also appear via any number of other fictional means: flashback, a found recording, dream sequence. But hopefully Carter and co. will just go with the faked death thing. It would be just like them–paranoid, intelligent, resourceful, and completely bad-ass.


Second, OUR SAVIOR Kumail Nanjiani is guest starring. Nanjiani’s passion for The X-Files has been partially credited for getting this revival going. Nanjiani is an X-Files superfan when he’s not acting on Silicon Valley. He hosts Kumail Nanjiani’s The X-Files Files, a wonderful podcast that takes a look at each episode individually and discusses them with a guest fan, cast or crew member. He’s had many of the X-Files writers on, including his favorite Darin Morgan, as well as other comedians, actors, and television royalty like Dan Harmon, creator of Community. By raising awareness and affection for the show and also contacting the cast and crew for the podcast, Nanjiani got this ball rolling. If anyone deserves some love, it’s this guy. When he’s on the screen, it will be like all of us fanatics getting to guest star.

Finally, Lauren Ambrose from Six Feet Under and Robbie Amell from The Flash will be guest starring as new agents. Clearly preferential casting towards red-headed women and tall, dark haired men. I approve.