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A Potential Treatment for the Community Movie of #sixseasonsandamovie

MW_Study_group_unitedIt seems YahooScreen! is already planning to fulfill the order put forth by Community fans for #sixseasonsandamovie.

But what should the show creators do considering how cinematic the television episodes are? How can Dan Harmon and co. expand the scope of the little show that could into a full-fledged movie-going experience?

There aren’t many previous examples of television shows going cinematic: Star Trek, of course, The X-Files, Firefly, and Veronica Mars. But what I’ve gleaned from the most successful of those (The X-Files: Fight the Future, Serenity)  is that you have to keep the show’s flavor while expanding its borders. Here’s one idea to do just that. It is free for use to Dan Harmon should he want to develop it.

First, kill two birds with one stone by bringing back Donald Glover and having him invite the study group/Save Greendale Committee on a vacation cruise. He has escaped the pirates and now seeks revenge or, alternatively, to save his beloved LeVar Burton. Not only will the movie audience welcome the return of our beloved Troy, but it also provides an expanded setting to automatically give us the widescreen landscape.

This also opens up a list of parody/homage options that the show has only been able to touch on during “Beginner Pottery” when part of the group learns to sail in the parking lot.

SuzLavaLava1Opening credits in the style of The Love Boat. Then we could transition to a Cape Fear homage, where one of the college characters, like the Dean, sneaks on to pursue the object of his attraction: Joel. During a scuffle, perhaps Abed could get hit on the head by a mast, leading to a dream-reality.

Embedded in the dream would be a parody of Fantasy Island where Luis Guizman could play Ricardo Montalban’s Mr. Roarke, Chang would be Tattoo, and all the Greendale characters appear as Fantasy Island characters using this Wizard of Oz conceit.  Imagine Starburns in one of those grass-skirt get-ups.

Back on the boat, after Abed is revived, a run-in with a shark leads to Jaws and if they procure themselves a bigger boat, they could transition into Titantic. That shipwreck could lead to a Gilligan’s Island finale, which could either be the show’s cliffhanger for season 7 or series end depending on Yahoo!Screen’s desires.

I leave the more detailed casting of parallel parts to commentors or to Mr. Harmon himself.


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Romance with Shared Dreaming? *cue Inception sound* – Book Review: Darkness Falls by Erin Kellison

Oh, hey, romance genre! I haven’t read you in…what’s it been?…gosh, it must be 14 years if it’s been a day! mulderscully

The last romance novel I read was in grad school for a class on young adult literature. It was a true bodice ripper, set in ye ol’ fantasy times. I’ve never been a romance fan. Except for Twilight. Except for Pride and Prejudice. Except for those X-Files Mulder/Scully slash fanfic stories.

Okay, so I’m more game for the genre than I’d like to admit I am.


One nice thing about reading on the Kindle is that the shame quotient from reading romance goes down because I’m not confronted by the cheesy cover all the time.

Enter NetGalley, where I’m invited to read hundreds of titles before or soon after they’re published. For free. Or rather, for an honest review. Like 1/3 of these offerings are romance novels. So I figured I’d check one out. That lucky novel was Darkness Falls (Reveler #1) by Erin Kellison, and I was happily surprised by it.

Imagine if Inception were a romance novel. *cue Inception sound* See, it’s already got you. So, no joke, the premise here is that shared dreaming has become a major entertainment, but like with all hot commodities, it’s being exploited. To combat the abuse of Rêve (the shared dreamspace), there are something akin to FBI agents who travel across dream boundaries to bring in the dream criminals. Our hot, rough around the edges bad boy is one of these agents, damaged from years of dreaming psychopaths’ nightmares. Plus he’s got a special nightmare of his own that he can barely keep at bay. Our hot, feminine but strong protagonist is a Rêve newbie with unimaginable raw talent for lucid dreaming. Bad boy wants to recruit her to the good side. Others want to use her talents for crime. She doesn’t know who to trust. But DAMN is that bad boy electric!

The book reads incredibly fast. It’ll get its hook in and not let go till the end. (I think that’s one of the draws of romance novels.) I flew through it in only a few hours.

I liked that the novel uses a shifting third-person semi-omniscient narrator. Part of the time, it was with our bad boy, Malcolm Rook, and part of the time, it was with Jordan Lane, our lead lady. There was no forced assumptions based on perspective, ala Pride and Prejudice and then reworked in Twilight. And my prior experience with romance novels almost exclusively sticks with the woman.

Jordan is a bit of a Mary Sue, but that’s better than her being some wilting damsel in distress, I suppose. Any Princessiness is of the Leia variety.

I also liked that the world they navigated their hot bodies through was actually interesting. The Rêve set-up kept me interested, even when they weren’t mid-fondle.

This is the first of the series, and it does end with a clear path to the next part of the Rêve adventure, but it also ends with a satisfying closure to one particular character conflict.

Pretty sure I’ll be seeking out Revelers #2, even if I don’t become a wider reader of the romance genre.